Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Impossible to "I'm Possible"

Today’s journal topic stemmed around possibility, and reframing what we deem as “impossible” to mean “I’m possible.” Not only is this a very clever play on words, but also feels so timely with working through everything going on in my life right now. It’s interesting to think why I don’t give myself the same level of “possibility” in my personal life as I do in my work life.

Maybe because work (aka my career) is structured, there is guidance and principal attached to almost everything. We’re encouraged to dream big at work – do more “blue sky” thinking, where anything is possible. This is one of the greatest aspects of working where I do. So, typically when I approach relationships I dive head first into the sea of possibility – I imagine the second date before the first one has even taken place, how cute our children would look, (marriage fits somewhere between the second date and children, I promise…but you get what I’m saying.) Then somewhere down the line the possibilities seem to diminish, - this, I’m not sure quite why or how it happens. But it does. And you’ll rack your brain for “the” significant moment when “I’m possible” turned to impossible.

Moving forward, I’d like to continue thinking big at work, home, in relationships, at the grocery store, on a walk. Practice more possibility thinking, because, really, the possibilities are endless.
How do you approach possibility?


  1. Possibility is a word I have thought a lot about lately. I often think, I may only get to live this one life, so if anything is possible, what types of things should I wish for and make possible for myself. It is funny how we can think big in only some areas of our lives and then the other areas fall to the wayside. I suppose it may be too hard to think about so many possibilities in so many areas? I guess it's worth a try though.

    And yes phone date whenever you have a moment :)

  2. Linds, I love your writing! The idea of turning the impossible into i'm possible is spirit-filling.

    i found that my pre-parenthood days held more carefree blue sky thinking, and now i have to make a concious effort to dream big. some weird mindset seems to come with children that tells you..."this is it. your fate is sealed. you will forever wipe noses and tushies." so now instead of just causally daydreaming, i have to write it down. then on the days when Teddy care gets a little overwhelming I just have to look up at the frdige and see my scribble of possibility....

  3. You three are so inspiring. Linds, I have struggled with the dreaming big in relationships. It always seems to land me in disappointment territory. Something has to change. I don't want to stop dreaming but I need to slow my pace. One day (or date) at a time. I think this mind set may help me feel more peaceful and safe when dating. It is hard to turn off the dreaming but maybe we can just dial the knob down a bit?