Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's all coming together...

Getting settled in my new place in Queen Anne has been an ongoing process. Thank goodness the unpacking madness has subsided. Now onto decorating. Last week my mom came to visit from MN and helped me make some of my design vision for my place into an actual reality. We scoured every store imaginable for the perfect pieces to bring everything together, from antique shops, to the Goodwill, to Target. Where we eventually landed can only be summed up by pictures, as there is definitely not one cohesive style throughout my place - which is exactly how I wanted things to look. I love color (not super bright obnoxious in your face color.) I love flowers and floral patterns (there is a fine line here as many floral patterns can also hedge on being a bit "country" for my liking.) I love the feeling of using the various antique furniture that I've collected over the years, finding new ways to use the pieces and showcase various elements. I've started to embrace open space and the idea of less clutter - which has also been a plus for feeling more organized.

The last room to come together was the bathroom. I've gone through three bath mat options (who would've ever thought this would be so hard,) and opted for a bright colorful combination from Target. I originally snubbed the "uber girly" bath mat during my mom's visit, but after an inspiring conversation with Katie and Kelly (my TN lasses for the weekend), I'm so glad I went with this look.

Let me know what you think about everything, or better yet, plan a visit out to Seattle to take a peek for yourself!


Behind my bed: a collage of prints, letters, and a mirror. My antique desk overlooking Highland Drive, and a collage on the wall. One of my favorite purchases: an old globe. Nestled below antique scenes of Paris.My kitchen with the antique shelf. Love the while cupboards and pink tile!

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  1. oh my goodness, everything looks adorable! i'm especially loving the kitchen, the pink tile makes me miss france avenue!