Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little piece of my heart...

I've been home in Big Lake for almost six days, and while coming home always conjures up a mixture of emotions, I now feel like everything is so much clearer to me. Things I was doubting now feel solid and strong. Like whether I really still loved running. Now after five days of "running the lakes" (and one day twice around, yay), my legs feel stronger and I'm still so thankful for the ability to get out and hit the pavement whenever I want to. I also found out the greater importance of family and friends. From tears my mom and I cried after watching "August Rush" for the first time, or Kat trekking up to BL for a quick trip to Target and a swing in to the high school to see Senor Soderberg . I've been shaped by these experiences, old and new. I cherish every moment here at home. While I might not ever again call MN my personal residence, the state will always hold a piece of my heart...
*My mom hiking up in Duluth over Christmas, by far one of the coldest vacations I've taken.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The other morning I emerged into the cold for an early run. You’d think being from MN, I’d be used to the cold - I get that a lot. In all actually, it’s the exact opposite, I hate it. But, there is something about crisp air entering my lungs and desolate streets, that I love. The only people awake at 5am in Bellevue happen to be construction workers heading to the various sprawling building projects. They also happen to have their last cigarette on the same route I take, which I can’t stand. I’m strangely super sensative to smoke, and make all efforts to avoid it. However, this smell is all too soon forgotten by the end of the run. The last .5mi swings through ‘old town’ Bellevue, with the sweetest smells coming from Belle Pastry (http://www.bellepastry.com/). One of these days, I will stop by here to indulge in something delicious! *(photo from 12ks of Christmas run)

Has Spring Sprung?

I’m craving spring, and have been for a long time. Seattle is notorious for this “in between” season crap, where fall-winter-spring are smooshed together into one big season: 8 months of rain, snow/slush, wind, and peeks of sun. The transition from winter to spring has to be the most painful. “Cabin fever” sets in, and you realize that you’ve watched every recorded Bravo show on the DVR.

I’m craving cherry blossoms and tulips, running around Queen Anne - because I swear spring arrives here first. I can’t wait to wear my new rainboots to tromp through puddles (after it has just rained, of course.) And, soon enough it will be warm enough for coffee dates outside and dining on the patio…sigh.

Spring please get here soon.

Hasta Pasta

My sister and her boyfriend left this morning for a vacation in Puerto Rico. (To be young and have spring break again, sigh.) Last year at this time I trekked down to our “51st state” with both my mom and sister for a week, and had an amazing time. I’m not sure if Puerto Rico would be my #1 vacation destination again, since there are many more islands to explore.

On that note, I’m craving a vacation and need one. I’m heading back to MN at the end of the month for a little family time and R&R. This, of course, does not qualify as a vacation. I want hot weather, crystal clear water, beaches, and a complete “unplug” from all technology. Hopefully this is soon coming.

Safe travels mi hermana… xo

Inspiration for the day...

Inspiration for today - remember when you were younger and getting new crayons or markers was the best thing ever. My favorite crayon was Jungle Green. I hated Burnt Sienna. Pretty much hated all the browns for some reason. Markers were a whole other ball game, I would’ve died for the smelly markers. To this day, I still think the smelly markers are the greatest.
Life is about the simple pleasures, really.