Saturday, June 20, 2009

My own Everest...

Today I ventured out on a solo mission to hike Mount Si. Last weekend I got my hiking shoes (old Asics) dirty with the first hike of the season, when my mom and I hiked Little Mount Si. I've never hiked the "bigger" Si by myself. Hiking just seems like one of those activities that you do with someone else. You sweat together, you stop for water breaks together, you comment on the amazing view together. It's a together thing. However, today, I discovered how much fun hiking solo can really be. Here's what I loved: going my own pace (a combination of walking, running and wobbling), stopping when I want for a drink/snack, passing groups of men hiking with all of their equipment, etc. Below are a couple of pictures I took from the mountain. It was a bit foggy/cloudy, which made for a perfect hiking temperature. Now (as I type this) I'm feeling the soreness set in from the pounding of 8 miles on my joints...

Half way up the mountain...the rolling clouds were beautiful.

From the top. On a clear day you can see Mount Rainier.

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