Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Riding it out...

I just returned from the restroom and noticed how horribly tired I look. My bloodshot eyes are an easy giveaway to the fact that I haven't been sleeping very well lately. As I'm still getting used to this living solo business, nights seem to be the most challenging for me. I'm not sure whether it's the feeling of wanting to share how my day went with someone, or wishing I had someone around to safely tuck me in. With time, I'm sure this feeling will balance out and I'll feel more at ease with my nightly routine (which has consisted of Sex and the City and a little bedtime yoga.) For now, I need to learn how to ride it out. Even the mucky parts.

Now onto the lighter side of things! Tonight I'm headed a lovely girls dinner in West Seattle with my two favorite ladies from work. I rarely make it over to Alki, and absolutely love every opportunity I have to enjoy a gathering there with Kathleen and JC. I was granted the responsibility of picking up dessert - which is SO hard for me because my favorite dessert is either straight up CANDY or TRAIL MIX. None of which you can bring to a dinner and expect others to enjoy as a way to end their meal. So I decided to bring my second favorite go-to dessert - Strawberry Shortcake (with Angel food cake) Yum! Super healthy and very appropriate for summer...


  1. The sleeping will get better I'm sure. I always struggle when kyle leaves for a while, but then I start to get so used to having the whole bed to myself that it is hard for me to share when he gets back!

  2. This is the hardest adjustment period. It takes time but like Kelly said, you will find the positives. I love you and I am thinking about you.