Thursday, July 2, 2009

Approach the bus as it were your friend...

This morning I did something I've never done before. Outside of my alarm not going off and missing my early morning run opportunity (which rarely happens,) I successfully rode the bus to work for the very first time. I know, exciting, right! In all honesty, this was a really big deal for me because I've been a bit of a traffic wimp lately and cursing the commute to the west side every night. There is a bus stop right across the street from my place, and I've walked/run/drove past it with guilt far too often. Many people at my office who live in Seattle take the bus to work and made it sound so easy to do.

With the help of my friend Kathleen, I mapped out my route and pickup times. I even coordinated the ride with a guy on my team, who would also hop on the same route as me, just further on down Queen Anne Ave. However, I was a smidge early to the stop and ended up hopping on an early bus. When I arrive at where my coworker was supposed to hop on, I saw that he was still leisurely enjoying his coffee and paper outside of a cafe, and didn't get on the bus. I knocked on the window (standard bus protocol?) to get his attention and then waved goodbye as my bus scooted away, without my riding companion-personal GPS-bus guide. At that point, I'm sure I looked like a lost puppy. I grasped onto my bus schedule paper and waiting until I arrived at a new terminal to transfer onto another bus.

Minor problem, I have NO idea where this elusive terminal it underground, in a building, I'm confused. So upon exiting the bus, I latch onto a girl who looks approachable based on her L.L. Bean monogrammed beach tote and cross bearing jewelry. She proceeded to point me in the right direction.

The bus ride in total took about 45 minutes. No one talks to one another - not sure why I thought it would be a chatty atmosphere? I people watched the whole way, and almost thought I could take an early morning nap, but I had to keep my eyes perked for where I needed to get off in Bellevue. Based on other rides, key items that I should bring for the next ride: iPod, a book and sunglasses.

To head into this long weekend, (I have Friday off from work) I wanted to close this post with a view from my favorite park in Queen Anne. Some call this park by its formal name, "Kerry Park" - however, the park is located on Highland Drive just down from my place. I like calling it "Highland Park," as I have no idea who Kerry was. Enjoy! (How could you not love living here with a view like this!)


  1. kudos to you and your environmentally-concious commute!

    i wish i could come to seattle and spend the fourth of july with you at "highland" park! ;)