Monday, June 29, 2009

"Juicy Journaling"...adventures with SARK

Today I received a calling from the blogging gods. Just when I was questioning my ability to write meaningfully both at work and at home, I came across some inspiration and decided to sign up for an e-course "Juicy Journaling with SARK." I've followed SARK in some capacity since my senior year of high school, and have turned to her books over the years whenever I was in the need to reconnect with myself or even for inspiration.

The Juicy Journaling is a self-paced, 30 day course that includes a variety of inspirational materials to encourage self-reflective writing. Every day I will receive an email containing "journal juice" and an exercise to help guide some of the creative juices. Some days there will be recording from SARK or even personal journal entries from a variety of female bloggers. SARK's artistic capabilities expand beyond the written word. Her drawings and paintings ooze with beauty and are filled with inspirational quotes.

I dived into the journaling tonight along with my yummy salad in hopes of fueling my belly and my mind. I should preface first that lately I've found writing to be too daunting, as it feels like I'm actually living some horrible break-up movie. So having a focused topic at hand, with some extra guidance, should hopefully help to pull me away from focusing so much on this particular aspect of my life.

The guidance for tonight centered around developing two lists. The first was open-ended, requiring us to list 25 gorgeous moments. Of course the possibilities for this were endless, from breath-taking moments atop Mount Si to hearing my best friends' laughter in unison. The second list was more focused with a topic, requiring us to list gorgeous moments associated with nature and the outdoors. Then from this list we were to use each item in a line of a poem. Here is what I came up with:

The babbling brook, like you, is waiting for my reply, questioning if I can hear it
Crunching leaves beneath your feet, declare for you where you stand
Dewdrops leap to my ankles as I try to run away
Swaying trees keep you at bay, wind at your back and nowhere to go
Foggy mornings between Queen Anne and Alki leave me longing for more
Waves against the boat ask me if they’re on course
Fresh clean air and sunlight through my windows makes me wonder where you are

Writing a few lines of poetry is definitely a start in the right direction. I already feel a bit more inspired and look forward to seeing what Day 2 brings from Juicy Journaling.


  1. I love your poem! Please share more of your writings as you go along. When I am finished with the current ecourse I'm doing, I think I will definitely sign up for sark's course.

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  3. Love it! I should sign up. Maybe I could get some "juicy" ideas for my kids!

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