Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why I love Sundays...

Just finished up a yummy salad for lunch and wanted to catch up on email, blogs and writing cards. Sending friends and family "snail mail" is one of my favorite things to do, which is right in line with my other 80 year old woman tendencies (i.e. going to bed early.)

This morning I slept in. Well, woke up and had a PB & nanner english muffin and then crawled back into bed. (Something that I haven't done since my Bellevue days) It rained overnight and my body didn't want me to emerge out of the house quite yet. Eventually I did arise and headed over to Green Lake to pick up my new running shoes, yes! I was in and out of Road Runner in 10 minutes, super eager to head out on my run around the lake. My goal was to run Green Lake twice, so about 6 mi. That dream was cut short however due to another rain shower, so I only made it around the lake once. On the bright side - the shoes felt great!

Not wanting to head back up to Queen Anne quite yet, I swung into PCC Natural Market. I have such an obsession with visiting new grocery stores. There is something fun about checking out the different types of produce or vegan options. I filled my basket with a couple goodies: Tofu Scrambler (was seriously addicted to this a couple years ago), Extra firm tofu, Tazo Passion Tea, Trail mix, and Low-fat Vanilla Almond Milk. I was inspired by Jenna from "Eat, Live, Run" and her amazing breakfast smoothies she makes. One of her smoothies uses Almond Milk, which I've never tried (I go back & forth between Soy milk and Skim milk.) I'm really excited to try my new blender this week by making a yummy smoothie.

This afternoon I plan to catch up on some reading. I'm completely comfortable admitting to folks that I just started ready the first Twilight book - New Moon - and actually really like it. This means a lot coming from me, as I was originally abstaining from this whole Twilight craze that has been taking place for months now...but I'm officially on the bandwagon!

Next week should be another busy week around the office, so today I shall rest and relax all to my heart's desire! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
*"Love that you run, Love that you can" card from Banana Blossom Press. This card is sitting on my desk, and I think I'm keeping it for myself.


  1. Sundays are quite nice. I read all the twilight books and I am not ashamed. Loved each one of them!

  2. love reading your thoughts. miss you. can't wait for september.

  3. Wait, are you reading Twilight or New Moon?

  4. Hi Lindsey.

    Thanks for mentioning us. Glad you like the card!

    Banana Blossom Press